Buena Borough, A small town with a big heart.Buena Borough
Atlantic County, New Jersey

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History of the Police Department

Buena Borough Police Deparment began as a part time agency in the early 1950's, just after the Borough was formed. The officers all worked full-time jobs and worked part-time for the police department. All of them were residents of the newly-formed Borough of Buena. The officers used their own vehicles for patrol. The first police vehicle purchased by the borough was a 1951 Ford Coach.

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Historic Photographs

First Buena Borough Police Deptartment (1950)

The First Buena Borough Police Department, 1950

Top row (left to right): Joe Gialante, Jimmy Gialante, Tony Bassano, Pat Luciano, Charles Schoppel, Dom Bisaquino
Bottom row: Adam Fornataro, Frank Bononcini, Chief Angelo Capizola, Mike Ciacco

Buena Boro Police Department (1960s)

Buena Borough Police (in the 1960's)

Officer Dave Martinelli

Officer Dave Martinelli (photo from the 1960's)

Officer Rick Coraluzzo (photo from the 1960's)

Officer Rick Coraluzzo (photo from 1968)

Police Chief Albert Sciliano (1970)

Police Chief Albert Sciliano (photo from 1970)

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