Buena Borough, A small town with a big heart.Buena Borough
Atlantic County, New Jersey

Recreation in Borough of Buena

Bike and Pedestrian Study

Bike Path

Buena's bike path spans from the intersection of the Boulevard and Route 40, through Melini Park, and past Brewster Road, ending near Blackwater Pond Park. The entire path is 1.9 miles with a 0.2-mile loop behind Melini Park. An estimation of the path is provided on the Map page.

The path is great for biking or walking. The portion along the Boulevard is scattered with benches, which are great for taking a break while walking or having a snack. The path then crosses Central Ave. and passes by the fields and pavilion in Melini, and then enters a wooded area between farming fields. Be careful here, as one of the farmers tends to water the path occasionally. After a short trek through the trees, the path emerges into an open area between more farming fields, crosses Brewster Road, and enters a field of tall grass. The field is the new portion, complete with fresh blacktop. The path ends in this field, with a large circle.